“Do you know how there are moments when the world moves so slowly you can feel your bones shifting, your mind tumbling? When you think that no matter what happens to you for the rest of your life, you will remember every last detail of that one minute forever?” – Jodi Picoult

Our collection brings you what we believe are the best and most unique experiences of Bhutan. See the vibrant festivals and culture, surround yourself in the beauty and trek into the Eastern Himalayan ranges, take a dip in the medicinal hot springs, or see Bhutan on two wheels with our motorcycle touring journeys – whatever your fancy, we want to share our vision of travel with you.

This is not all though, because we are curating some special meditation and yoga retreats and unique spiritual pilgrimages for 2017!

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or “just-because”? Let us cater to your needs.