Packing List


Cultural Journeys

The layering approach is the best way to travel in Bhutan. A good thermal, windproof and waterproof jacket will be necessary for Autum and Winter. In Summer, a light jacket with umbrella or waterproof gear will suffice.

Motorcycle Touring

You will need to bring your own helmet and riding gear for our motorcycle tours.


Provided: All-season 2-person tent, First-Aid kit, hot water bags, sleeping foam/mattress, tables and chairs 

Hiking backpack

Waterbottle or Thermas (Winter)

Trekking Socks

Trekking Poles

Thermal Underwear

Gloves (Winte: fleece glove with an outer waterproof shell)

Comfortable waterproof trekking shoes


Small wash towel

Sleeping bag for appropriate temperature (can be provided upon request, please contact for availability)

Rain gear and sunscreen (SPF 30+)


Toiletries (hand sanitiser, moisturiser, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste,

Headlight or flashlight

Camera and spare batteries

Altitude sickness tablets (recommended)

Portable solar battery recharger (optional)