Electricity, Internet and Phone


The standard voltage in Bhutan is 230 V, frequency 50 Hz. Type D, F, G electric sockets are used.


FREE WIFI  generally is available in all major township hotels. However, the speed and bandwith may not be fast enough for streaming programs like Skype or YouTube. Some hotels offer WIFI in all rooms, others only in the lobby. Internet availability will vary in remote areas.


There are two telecommunications providers in Bhutan – Bhutan Telecom and Tashi Cell.

Bhutan Telecom offers a month-long prepaid tourist SIM activation Nu 100 with equivalent calls. Data packages can be added on for Nu 99 (475MB + 30 free SMS) or Nu299 (1.9GB + 30 free SMS).

In remote areas both cell reception and 3G will be intermittent. 4G is not available in Bhutan.