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Stepping Back in Time

Bhutan is so much more than just a destination, it’s a collage of beautiful interviewing stories and experiences of life in the remote Himalayas.

Near the main traffic roundabout in Thimphu, there is an old barber shop. The barbers from Patna, India have now been running this shop for 44 years. The shop first opened in 1985, not long after Bhutan opened up to the rest of the world. All the barbers are brothers with the oldest being born in Bhutan. He turns 40 this year. There aren’t many people who live in Thimphu who haven’t trusted the barbers there with their hair, heads, and neck. Barbers are like the custodians of time.

This little story is from Namgay Zam, a well loved Bhutanese journalist and Hubert Humphrey Fellow. We will be featuring more of Namgay’s insightful works in the weeks to come!

Oldest barber in Thimphu