It’s 17th January 2016 and we’ve officially launched!

It’s official, we are in business! It’s been quite a journey getting here after many tales of adventure and intrigue (a story for another time!) and spending the past year or so travelling in and out of Bhutan. We are very excited, and nervous to be sharing a piece of our heart and soul with you. We really hope you will enjoy the independently crafted and curated journeys we’ve got in store for you! As you start reading about each trip, you’ll probably be picking up little bits of bread crumbs we’ve left for you that leads you into the myths and legends that make up the magic of Bhutan. As with all matters of the spirit and heart, some simply can not be adequately put into words.  

Happy Bhutanese Children

So we hope this inspires you to venture there and find your own little piece of personal legend. Speak soon!