About Us

Our Philosophy

Bhutan Curated Travel was born from a vision to bring the best type of travel experiences – one that is transformative and unforgettable – to you. For us, travel is an experiential journey. It is a string of moments that, as you step into the sometimes trepidations unknown, by the sheer force of its power shifts your perspective and makes your heart soar. It’s those life experiences where days, weeks, months, years, or decades later still stirs you, and the memories of which you still cherish and share with loved ones and strangers alike.

We fell in love with Himalayan Bhutan, because here, everything that makes a destination authentic, interesting, vibrant, humorous, and visually spectacular can all be found in this little piece of Shangri-La. We have hand-picked and curated journeys that we feel best showcases all that we love about Bhutan. We have selected experienced local tour operators who have also lived abroad – because they understand the role that travel plays in enriching lives and expanding an individual’s horizons. We’ve got a list of our favourite spots and hangouts which we will happily (secretly) share with you. For the independent freedom lovers – we will schedule alone time for you.

Who We Are

We are lovers of travel that transforms. W’ve pursued the dream of being paid to see the world, and our jobs took us to some of the most interesting, amazing, and sometimes downright dangerous countries in the world. We’ve adventured through the Gobi desert on old Russian vans, rode quad bikes through the Namibian sand dunes, flew on a microlite over Victoria falls, smoked shisha in the den of the old Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and danced in the nightclubs of Kabul, Afghanistan. We’ve experienced the finer things in life and luxuriated in Japanese outdoor hot springs in the snow, sipped martinis by the pool in luxury Dubai and dined at Michelin Star restaurants. We left pieces of our hearts in the steppes of Mongolia and cobbled stoned streets of Spain, and found the spirit and magic in the majestic Himalayan mountains of Bhutan. Whether you travel with a backpack or an Louise Vuitton suitcase, we’ve discovered that the secret to an unforgettable trip (and life) is the magic of connection – with the people, culture, food, language, nature, and most of all – with yourself. The stunning and other worldly Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is such a place for us and we are inspired to share it with you.